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Application promotes growth, green color, and general turf plant health.
Are lawn fungicides not working for you?
Ring to Green was first developed in 2010, when Steve and Julie Teerlink had spent hundreds of dollars on ineffective fungicides for 4 years to resolve the embarrassing Necrotic Ring Spot (NRS) fungus that was devastating their back lawn, with no success. When it showed up in their front lawn, it was war! Steve began testing a non-fungicide soil solution idea he had, which worked extremely well, and they were thrilled to have their lush, GREEN lawn back again!

He began testing on neighbors' lawns, also with great success, and in 2011 patented the new Ring to GREEN product. In 2015, Utah State University (USU) conducted a test on 5 selected NRS properties chosen by USU, and tested on these properties for one entire year with 3 Ring to GREEN treatments each. The tests were very successful, and USU gave Ring to GREEN their mark of approval to resolve NRS fungus.

For the first 9 years, Ring to GREEN was manufactured and sold only through lawn care professionals, and has helped thousands of lawns overcome NRS. In 2020, based upon a high demand for a homeowner Ring to GREEN product, Steve and Julie released the NEW Ring to GREEN homeowner product, with the same effective Ring to GREEN components applied by lawn care professionals, in a very easy-to-use dry pellet product for homeowners to apply themselves. They hope to help everyone overcome their lawn fungus problems with this exciting Ring to GREEN product!

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