Spring Lawn Care Tips

Ready for your lawn to Spring to Life?

Spring is in the air, and with sunny days and warm temperatures, it’s time to start thinking about your lawn care this season. Here are a few tips to get a jump start on greener grass this year. 


Generally speaking, you don’t need to start watering your grass until the daily high reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. When temperatures are cooler than that, the lawn gets a healthy amount of dew each morning which hydrates it adequately. For some regions, this can mean waiting until April or May before you start your sprinkler routine. Read more on Spring watering in our previous post here.

Weed Control

The key to a weed-free lawn is starting early. We recommend applying a  pre-emergent product like IFA Step 1 in the early Spring (March or April), followed by a Weed and Feed product (a combination of fertilizer and weed prevention) such as IFA Step 2 in April or May. Read more about weed prevention in our previous post here.


In addition to applying pre-emergent and weed control products in the Spring, if you would like your lawn to green-up sooner rather than later, begin mowing your lawn as soon as possible.  Mowing your lawn will encourage new growth, and your lawn will green up more quickly.

If you don’t want to encourage new growth too early or prefer not to have to mow your lawn until mid-April or later, hold off on the mowing until then, but be sure to still apply a pre-emergent to limit the growth of bad grasses in your lawn.