Application promotes growth, green color, and general turf plant health.
Is Your Lawn Not Growing Properly?
A new house, and a new $7000 sod lawn with Necrotic Ring spot fungus disease. What to do? We applied Ring to GREEN, and our lawn was restored and beautiful again! Highly recommended! 
5 Stars for Ring to GREEN.

Joe A.

"I battled neurotic ring disease for about ten years. I talked to the Utah State agricultural specialists, and nursery specialists, did research online, and used all kinds of chemicals and other practices to try to get rid of the fungus, and nothing I did was successful. Finally, last year I discovered Ring to GREEN, and I’d say it is magic. It completely cured my ground, and my lawn came back as green as it’s ever been. It may seem expensive but it’s the best money you will ever spend. Make sure you carefully follow the watering recommendations and application instructions."


After years of trying to resolve my lawn disease issues on my own, I finally reached out to Steve from Ring to Green. I have been blown away with how well the Ring to Green works. My lawn has never looked better, and I now have the best looking lawn in my neighborhood! Even my neighbor who spends countless hours on his lawn is jealous and asking me what I use. If you are reading this review, please don't hesitate to give Steve a call or pick up some Ring to Green at your nearest IFA. I promise if you follow the directions, you will have the greenest lawn in town!

Brian B.

"My wife and I are so glad we put our trust in you and your Ring to GREEN product. Our lawn was at the point where we considered tearing out the back lawn and starting over. Now it is very healthy, looks great, and is free of the necrotic ring fungus. We will suggest your product to anyone who has necrotic ring fungus issues, big or small. Thanks again for developing such a great product."

Mark & Judy Brown

"I have had a terrible fungus problem in my back yard for 2 years and have used another company to treat it each season with no success. I got the Ring to GREEN product from IFA, and started following the instructions in May, and wow, was I ever pleased! I even called one of the Ring to GREEN cofounders and formulators, and got personal help. He told me that I would see results by mid July. Exactly as predicted. It truly works. Far better than expected. Couldn't be more pleased. Thank you Ring to Green!"

Rick Brown, Pleasant Grove, UT

"We have been using the Ring to GREEN product for the last couple years, and have seen a significant reduction in the growth of fungus in our lawn areas at each of our commercial properties. This product has also been instrumental in restoring a healthy look to our lawn areas that have historically struggled because of Necrotic Ring and other fungus’. A BIG thank you to the folks at Ring to Green and this product for helping us solve this problem! I would definitely recommend this product."

Nathan Thompson, CPM, NuTerra Partners

"We’re really pleased with the results we’re having this year using Ring to Green in our yard battle with Necrotic Ring. In talking with Steve from Ring to Green, he has provided specific recommendations for our yard, shaded areas, sprinkler overlap and sprinkler timer setup. Great customer service and support along with a great looking yard."


“My backyard was full of lawn fungus a couple years ago, and since we have used Ring to GREEN, not only is the fungus under control, but new grass has grown in where the fungus was, and my yard looks beautiful again!”

F. Louise

“Thank you very much! Ring to GREEN was not only great for our lawn, but it was also great for our mental health, so we didn't have to worry about fungus in the lawn! Our lawn went from being an embarrassment to becoming a showstopper!”

S&L Clark

We had brand new sod installed at our new home when we landscaped our yard, and after a few months, the sod was not greening up as much as we would like. So we applied Ring to GREEN to our new sod, and the results were amazing! This is the greenest grass we have ever had at any of our homes in the past. The grass is so lush, it is like velvet!

Mark and JoAnn P.

“For years I threw tons of money at fungicides with no results. After Ring to GREEN came and treated my lawn, you would never even know that I had necrotic ring.”

Joe R.

“I was devastated because my lawn looked to terrible with dead spots and rings everywhere. Then I found the Ring to GREEN product! Now, my lawn is completely cured, and looks absolutely beautiful, with a lush, green color I used to enjoy. Terrific product.”

B. Gividen

“Ring to Green, saved my lawn when I had lost all hope. My lawn had for years, what I was told, was a horrible grub worm issue that no one could figure out. The problem was actual lawn fungus. When Steve Teerlink from Ring to GREEN said he could conquer this issue, I had severe doubts. Steve knew exactly what treatment was needed, and created a schedule for the both of us. He has worked a miracle on my lawn in less than two months. Now my lawn is green and lush! I am grateful for his patience (with me) and his follow up every couple of weeks.”


"Thank you for your great Ring to Green application that literally saved my lawn. For years, I struggled with treatments available with no success. We dug out large portions of fungus areas, put down new sod in the back and reseeded in the front, but the fungus always came back. With your treatment, we now have a beautiful lawn."

C. Elliott

"I spent hundreds of dollars trying to treat the dead spots on my lawn with no success. I was about to spend thousands of dollars to rip out my lawn and replace it. Then Ring to Green came along and saved my grass! It is back to being plush and green and disease free."

Mary L.

"We contacted Ring to Green last year. We had ring problems in both of our lawns, which they treated last fall and this spring. I’m amazed. It solved our problem!"

C. Shurtz

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